The international symposium and exhibition took place at the Department of Architecture, TU Berlin from November 29th to December 1st, 2012. During these intense three days, more than 180 participants with over 60 speakers drawn from North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania met for the first time to discuss DesingBuild-Studios as a hands-on, learning by doing model to teaching architecture, as an alternative to expand the horizons of architectural research and design, as well as to develop socially engaged architecture projects with the cooperation of universities, architectural offices and governmental and non-governmental organisations from all around the world.

A feature with some impressions on the symposium can be found on the website of our media partner architekturclips / OFFscreen MODERNmedia. An initital selection of videos will hopefully be posted soon.

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Ideas, different perspectives, challenges, innovative solutions and the will and need to working together were exchanged during this three-day event that bubbled with enthusiasm. The symposium, however, is not over yet. In the following months, CoCoon will work intensively in the creation of a network platform to make this working together possible, as well as in the documentation of the symposium's presentations in order to make them available to the public, and to create a starting point for further encounters. Any ideas and support to carry out these tasks together are more than welcome!

Selection of comments on the symposium

"It has been a really interesting and useful experience for us... I feel it will push us forward"

"I have enjoyed every session and the tour, and I fell in love with Berlin. Professionally and academically, I have many ideas and inspirations to take my work... waiting to get involved with you in future endeavors"

"It has been a tremendously fruitful experience"

"It was really great to meet and hear from so many amazing people and projects"

"I hope this will be the first of many symposiums to come to improve the DBS and our own perspective!"

"I want to thank you for a great time and a fabulous conference. It was fantastic in every sense. I am still thinking about some of the ideas learned and responses. I am looking forward to hear about the ideas that emerge for the future and possible conferences. You can always count on my support"

"It was wonderful inspiring days in Berlin. Looking forward to keep in contact"

"Thanks a lot for the invitation and these exciting days in Berlin.  I was very pleased to meet familiar and new collegues. The symposium helped a lot clearing some open questions  and encouraged to follow up our design-build studio"

"It was an amazing experience"

"Thanks to you all for a great memorable conference. Thanks also for your efforts to keep in contact"

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