DesignBuild Center for Culture and Ecology Quiané

Center for Culture and Ecology will be planned by Students from the University of Applied Sciences Munic in Santa Catarina Quiané.Together with the Community, the NGO C.A.M.P.O a.c. in Oaxaca and the support of Atarraya Arquitects from Ecuador.

The need of the community is to get a place where divers cultural acivities as dance, music, artesanias and gastronomy can happen but as well were ecological and sustainable agriculture-techniques can be studied and implemented.

The overal programe of the center will consist of:

6 aulas, sanitation with ecological sewage, dry toilets; cisternes; photovoltaik, sports field, workshops, central space for gatherings (500 people), gardens and plantation, lombriculture, well, kitchen and dining room (existing).

The masterplan of the new Center is beeing developed and a first phase including an aula and an alternative sanitaion with natural sewage system will be build in February 2019.

More information: CEC Quiané