DesignBuild: Stage and Outdoor Kitchen of the Music School ‘Rodolfo Morales’, 2008

DesignBuild-Studio at TU Berlin 2006/2007

Function: Stage and Outdoor Kitchen

Location: Ocotlán de Morelos Oaxaca, Mexico

Client: Fundación Cultural Rodolfo Morales

Year: 2006/2007


It was a lasting desire of  the President of the Fundación Cultural Rodolfo Morales and the Maestra of the Music School to have the compound of the music school completed with a stage for concerts and events.

In 2006, we started the design of the stage, covering the whole property of the Music School buildings, constructed as well by the TU Berlin in 2003 with a grid-concept.

Overlapping horizontal layers and vertical lines, oriented at the boarder-lines of the compound determine the spatial structure. A regular grid is materialized through columns in wood and iron, supporting the roof structures, shading elements of cane ‘Carizzo’ or edgings. The iron columns are sampled out of triangular steel tubes to cross-formed pillars.

Massive structures emerge from the ground, growing to a traditional stove, the ‘Comal’ and the platform of the stage, materialized in concrete, brick and the local green limestone’ Cantera’.

Planted sections and soil layers of colored earths and pebble stones, bordered by steel framings, strengthen the concept.

Back of the project forms a massive but vulnerable atmospheric wall of clay bricks ‘adobe’ that gives a setting to the local stingless cactus called ‘Organo’.


The Foundation Morales and private donations funded the project. The parents of the children of the music school supported the subsistence and the DAAD facilitated the student’s travel. The pebble stones, gavel and the coloured sands where gifted by the department of agriculture and forestry.

Project Team:

19 architecture students of the TU Berlin, 2 students of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2 carpenter and a topographer formed the team