DesignBuild: Students Building in Kabul, 2003

Function: Education

Location: Kabul, Afghanistan

Client: Soria Girls-School, Ministery of Education

Collaborators: FG Prof. Rainer Mertes + FG Prof. Dr. Klaus Rückert -TU Berlin, the University of Kabul, Consultant BGS/dmp, GiZ, AGEF, KFW, DAAD amongst others.

2003, 26 Students from the Technische Universität Berlin and 25 Students from the Kabul University built together a library and a multifunctional room for the Soria Highschool in Kabul. It was embedded in a master plan developed by the German students that was executed parallel by local workers under the direction of the GiZ/ AGEF in Kabul.

The Soria High School is a Girls school and was completely destroyed by the civil war. When we arrived, the girls where taught in two shifts, two classes a time in tents from the UNO.

After the projects was finished, colored school pavilions and the two extra facilities used as Library and Teachers Assembly-Room where occupied.

The attached posters are written in German.