About CoCoon-Studio

CoCoon is a sector for contextual design, planning and construction in an intercultural and interdisciplinary context. It combines teaching, research, practice and networking. It creates awareness of the social and cultural implication of doing architecture.

CoCoon promotes sustainability and social engagement in the production of living environments. CoCoon is dedicated to the DesignBuild-methodology, fostering academy to dedicate knowledge as service for the community. CoCoon is associated with university departments as well as nonacademic organisations and experts.

CoCoon was founded in April 2005, based on the experiences of the  ‘Praxisseminar Mexiko’ 2000-2004 and the seminar ‘Students Building in Kabul’ 2003. From 2015 to 2023, CoCoon-Studio was running as a GbR with Dr. Nina Pawlicki and Prof. Dr. Simon Colwill as co-directors. Now it is owned by Ursula Hartig only.


Teaching: CoCoon offers seminars in design, construction and documentation for students related to the built environment. CoCoon is both initiator and collaborator in different international and interdisciplinary academic exchange programmes. It assists student lead-research and stimulates intercultural exchange.

Research: CoCoon investigates praxis-related forms of architectural education, bridging the gap between theory and reality. CoCoon conducts research regarding vernacular building techniques and analyses its contextual, social and sustainability relevance for contemporary architecture.

Practice: CoCoon is dedicated to the construction of buildings and open spaces as part of the academic education. It offers students the chance to experience some of the greatest challenges of doing architecture in the field. The work is based on interdisciplinary, international and intercultural cooperation.

Networking: CoCoon believes in the high outcome of “service learning” and offers a cooperation base for execution projects, seminars, exchange of knowledge, people and contacts for academia and society. CoCoon is part of the executive board of the interactive dbXchange.eu network and Design for the Common Good.




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