DesignBuild Studio at the Hochschule München.

The task is to develop a cultural centre in the costal village of Chamanga that heavily suffer under an earthquake in Spring 2016. We will design and realize the second step of this urgently needed space for the youth of Chamanga.

In collaboration with the local collective “Opción Más”, the Portland State and the Tokyo University started with a first design and building phase to realize the dreams of the collective.

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1_170921 Projektinfo 1 chamanga

2_170925 Projektinfo 2

3_ 170927 SemPlan WS1718_stand

4_171001 0 Aufgabenstellung DB Chamanga

4_171001 1 Recherche DB Chamanga

4_171001 2 Vorentwurf DB Chamanga

5_170916_Modul MA_12 Fachprojekt 1 – BD Vorstellung

5_2 171001 Modul Studio BD Vorstellung