Symposium: Reading Patina

csm_160216_420x594mm_Plakat_Final_2_3ca4dcc020International Symposium and Workshop:

Reading Patina. Learning from the deterioration of built landscapes through time.

held at TU Berlin  7-9. Juli 2016

Host and organized by Simon Colwill


Institut für Landschaftsarchitektur und UmweltplanungFachgebiet Landschaftsbau/Objektbau

Invited speakers from Harvard school of Design (USA), Toronto University (CA), Landscape Architecture Foundation (USA), TU Kaiserslautern (DE), TU Berlin (DE)

The symposium aims to present an overview of previous and related research on the processes and mechanisms influencing built landscapes through time and how monitoring these processes can inform future projects.

Presentations from academic researchers and practitioners will enable a breadth of discussion related to this topic. The passage of time leaves traces on the surfaces of materials for example in the form of dirt, wear and tear, subsidence, surface cracks and vegetation growth. These processes of patination and decay highlight the imperfections and points of weakness in built landscapes. By monitoring “patina” the project stakeholders can gain information on the success or failure of the design, detailing, use of materials, construction and/or maintenance. We wish to start a discourse on this subject, develop new methods for monitoring, analysing and learning from these processes, and create a feedback loop to enable practitioners to use this knowledge to optimise future projects.

The first day is aimed at bringing together existing knowledge, an overview of previous research, as well as information and opinions related to this field of research.  The second day will focus on the processes and mechanisms influencing change to built landscapes after completion. An interdisciplinary workshop will examine the impact of these processes from different viewpoints.

Colleagues from teaching and research, students, construction and maintenance firms, government agencies, clients and other interested individuals are invited to participate in the symposium. By bringing together the different stakeholders involved in designing, building, maintaining and researching built landscapes we hope to deepen our knowledge and understanding of time based change.

Day 1

Keynote: Niall Kirkwood „Details of Durability,” Harvard Graduate School of Design (USA)
Cordula Loidl-Reisch „Built to be wild,” TU Berlin (DE)
Bettina Wettstein „Landscape Architecture – Design Idea and Realisation,” TU Kaiserslautern(DE)
Liat Margolis „Smart Landscapes,” University of Toronto (CA)

Barbara Deutsch „Landscape Performance to Demonstrate Impact“ Landscape Architecture Foundation (USA)
Simon Colwill „Reading Patina,” TU Berlin (DE)