DesignBuild Project at TU Berlin, before CoCoon-Studio was founded

Function: stage and kitchen

Client: Fundación Rodolfo Morales

Location: Guadalupe Miramar, Oaxaca, Mexico

Year: 2007

In 2007, an open- air stage and an open kitchen completed the ensemble of the music school, that was build in 2003, consisting of two adobe buildings, a 80 m2 hall for rehearsals and a 40 m2 building with an office and smaller rooms for individual lessons. The surrounding space was complemented with garden islands and shading structures. Now children and professionals can perform concerts on their own stage and fiestas can be celebrated.

Both building sites where realised with the collaboration of architecture students of the UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México). Apart of a locksmith, cutting the structural steel elements, all construction work was done by the students.

Rodolfo Morales, the famous local painter was the initiator of the Music School and the ‘Orchestra Infantil Rodolfo Morales’. After his death in 2001, the Fundación Rodolfo Morales continued with his idea to create a space where the children of Ocotlán could learn and perform music as an important part of the local culture.

The Fundacion Rodolfo Morales is now running the place and supporting the “Maestra de Musica” in teaching the children of the orchester.
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Academic Partners: Ursula Hartig, Prof. Dr. Klaus Rückert, FG TEK (Civil Engineering)
Students:  Students from TU Berlin and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México: Rafael Arias, René Charres, Maria de los Angeles Diaz Corona, Sophia Diaz Corona, Norbert Enneking, Benno Fiehring, Karina Flores Flores, Jana Kreher, Thomas Linkner, Gabriela Looke de Ita, Patric Lothmann, André Mädeler, Jens Mehlbaum, Oanh Lisa Nguyen-Huan, Johann Plagemann, Aline Raether, Max Reder, Anne Schubert, Benedikt Tulunius, Fabian Waleschowsky, Jeanette Werner, Andrea Wycisk, Thomas Maatz.
Funded by:  DAAD

Rodolfo Morales, an internationally known painter initiated the foundation, he died in 2001