DesignBuild: Summer University Panke-Feld, 2016

Rebuilding community spaces with refugees in Berlin

The PANKE-PLATZ a public sports-ground, was abandoned for many years before local stakeholders of administration, institutions and civil society initiated its revitalisation. With the PANKE-PLATZ they intend to create a place of mutual exchange and encounter between existing and new neighbours, refugees and non-refugees in Berlin Buch. They aim to trigger civil engagement in the neighborhood, strengthen democratic culture and form a common space for an intergenerational and intercultural living together.
During a DesignBuild project in the framework of Summer University program 2016 at TU Berlin, students from 14 nations designed an overall concept for the place and implemented the first phase of construction. This action served as a kickoff and starting point to revitalise this highly needed place, many people in Buch were long waiting for. Football pitches, a boule lane, beach-volleyball courts, ping-pong tables, streetball baskets, sitting areas and a huge community table have either become realised or are now awaiting implementation.

Panke Platz booklet

Abandoned sportsfield