Publication: Working out, thinking while building

papers from the 2014 Fall Conference

Type: Book

Editors: Ted Cavanagh, Sergio Palleroni, Ursula Hartig


This conference considers the potential of Design-Build in post-secondary education. It is interested in expanding this potential, developing ideas to improve delivery and efficacy, and reflecting on Design-Build as pedagogy and practice. The conference is interested in first-hand reports comparing the pedagogical contexts of Design-Build as well as rigorous surveys ranging across many schools. Above all, it is interested in analyzing the conditions of the project before, during, and after construction. The ACSA underlined the recent increase in Design-Build courses in North America, with the introduction of a Design-Build Award in 2012. It is now included in over 70% of our curricula. Design-Build can be as big as the entire curriculum or as small as an elective; it can take place in a school’s courtyard or halfway across the world; it can be demolished at the end of the semester or become a permanent part of a community; and it can innovate in all imaginable ways.
Published by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
ISBN 9780935502947