DesignBuild: Malaab el Kobri, place under the bridge, 2015

Sportsfacility and community service

Client: Community of Dahab Island

Location: Dahab Island, Cairo District, Egypt

Year: 2015

This Design  Build Studio is directed an run at the Urban Design Department of the German University Cairo in cooperation with the local NGO AYB – Alashanek ya Balady.

Malaab el Kobri, the ‘place under the bridge’ is the DesignBuild pilot project of the “EDBKN – European Design Build Knowledge Network” a research initiative directed by CoCoon and supported by other EDBKN members.

It involves the design and implementation of a new football field that includes additional community services, i.e. as a gathering space for community meetings and festivities, an open class room, a playground, etc. It further serves as a showcase for decentralized, green infrastructure. As part of a longer-term strategy these programs may also be anticipated in the design, for example as add-ons. The project has been realized by the students in close collaboration with the inhabitants. To avoid the use of concrete and to ensure the temporal quality of the project, it was build as a light weight timber construction.

The German Embassy  and other sponsors and donors generously funded the project.
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DesignBuild Studio Cairo
Principal: Prof. Dr. Cornelia Redeker; Team: Ibrahim Samy, Carla Schwarz, Leonie Weber

Project Team
BaldiLab: Barbara Pampe, Dr. Vittoria Capresi

CoCoon, TU Berlin: Ursula Hartig,  Simon Colwill, Nina Pawlicki

GUC professional support: Peter Blodau (landscape architect and artist) Assoc. Prof. Thomas Löffler, Assoc. Prof. Urs Walter, Prof. Dr. Mostafa Baraka, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mona Badr, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Amr Shaat, Eng. Wael Adam

Architorno, Italy: Alessandra Basile, Dr.Roberta Nicchia, Giuliana Sandulli

Nils Ruf, (architect and carpenter) and Victor Maschke (carpenter and engineer)

Participating GUC Students: Norhan Ayman, Marwa Sayed, Magui Beshay, Ahmed Hammad, Hana Hossam, Yomna Hossam, Alaa Gamal, Henar El-Kheshen, Farah Abdel-Latif, Habiba Abdel-Kader, Dalia Kassem, Ramy El-Magdoub, Marwan Magdy, Yasmin Mardini, Ahmed Morsy, Mirna Nagy, Omar El-Nawawy, Lama Abdel-Rahman, Theodora Ramzy, Loay Saad-El-Din, Ingy Salah, Fatma El-Sayed, Nader Sedky, Dorreya Abdel-Shal
Participating Exchange Students: Iman Charara, TU Berlin, Jasmin Enan, TU Darmstadt; André Korfe, HS Augsburg; Ralf Lösch, HS Augsburg

All Picture Credits: Design Build Studio Cairo